Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Remember this quilt from last year?

I was really excited to see someone else had done the same pre-marked quilt and done it 'her' way. Apparently there was another one there as well all hand quilted but I didn't notice it. I hand coloured mine.

Sue Sapsed treated hers entirely differently to great effect. She is a longarm quilter and quilted the whole piece in variegated thread. She over- stitched the motifs to make them stand out more, she handled the grid work by using curvy lines and she filled in the outer border with stippling to make the border stand proud. I think hers has turned out to be a very elegant quilt. I wish now I still had mine as I'd like to see the three of them side by side.

Thank you Sue for your kind permission to publish your photos here.


  1. Hi Sally, you have 'wow'ed me with your work and I also ask how on earth my mother got into my bathroom mirror, so you made me smile too!

  2. Love both quilts! What wonderful quilting!