Monday, 2 February 2009

Finished quilt and snow and fabric

Before we left the house on Saturday, these arrived from the US. They are Moda offcuts. You don't know what you're getting but there will be 40 pieces, each 32" long and between 2 and four inches wide. I was lucky both of my sets were 4" wide, one of repro prints and the other fresh spring like fabrics. At Ardingly I couldn't resist buying more of these Lunn dyed panels. (a lot more)
We've had snow. They are saying this is the most for 18 years but I don't think we've had it this deep since the 70's (or at least if we have I've been in a different part of the country whilst it happened). I love it and the excuse to have an open fire burning away in the sitting room.
Yesterday we met Luca Antonio Monaco. I really wasn't prepared for the emotion of holding this little chap. Tears rolled down my face and my body shuddered so much I thought it would wake him up. New people are very special aren't they?


  1. I'm glad you got a little of the snow in the world too. When my daughter lived in England (1994-1998)everbody told her it wouldn't snow there, but it did and her kids were so excited to build a snowman.

    That is such a striking picture with the new baby and your beautiful quilt. The lighting is so perfect.

  2. Beautiful baby on a gorgeous, striking quilt. Yes, newborns are special. Enjoy every minute with him!

  3. OMG, look at the cheeks on that boy! He's got walnuts stored in there hasn't he? LOL And, are those dimples? Little Luca and the quilt are both beauties.

  4. I'll echo Ferret - where DO you get the Moda offcuts please?

  5. and I'll echo ferret and anne b: please post more about the offcuts!