Sunday, 22 February 2009

Yes you can!

For those who think you can't quilt a 97½" quilt on a normal sized domestic machine, you can and here's the proof.
The batting is Hobbs wool. Half the quilt in in the harp of the machine. Can you see some of it is above my right hand on the right? Click on the photo to enlarge. When I want to do the other side of the quilt, I shall turn it upside down.
The quilt is 'puddled' round the needle so when I move it, there is no drag. The weight of the left hand side of the quilt is supported by an old dining table to my left. (I had a piece of glass cut to fit so the quilts will glide over it)
Sorry the photo is a little blurred, DH took the photo. Love him but he's no photographer....


  1. What a great shot of you working on your Bernina! The quilt is lovely. What foot are you using? I can't quite see in the picture.

  2. What you can't see is this isn't even a huge workspace.

  3. WOW you sure can do it! Lovely fabrics on that quilt - I don' t know if I would put a big quilt like that through my Bernina but maybe i'll try some day!

  4. You're so right - supporting the entire quilt is the secret - great tip about the piece of glass though

  5. The glass is a good idea. I'd never thought of that.

  6. Hey, I'm with Vicky, I can't see the foot, either!

    Is your machine sunk down in a table or up on top? I get horrible drag no matter how I try if the machine bed isn't level with the table.

    Have you seen the new 830 yet? I hear it's $12,000, what's that in £?