Friday, 13 February 2009

It all takes longer than you think

Yesterday I spent all day cutting away the fabric behind the appliqué

And preparing the new circles for the bits between the swags. This morning I dipped both borders into warm water to remove the glue and pull out the freezer paper. That water isn't dirty, it's just the glue dissolving. I won't wash it out entirely until it's all quilted.

We had a heavy fall of snow again last night. It didn't settle but the weather is too damp to dry it outside so it's on the table with the underfloor heating turned on and a fan.

Today I hope to appliqué the smaller circles to the larger ones and do the first layer of cutting away.


  1. That quilt is spectacular! What a work of art you have created.

  2. Will you have to dip the quilt in water again to wash out the glue from the circles?
    After you do all the applique and dipping do you iron the whole top before quilting it?

  3. This really is gorgeous, I love the way the swags are coming along, and that twisted border looks amazing!

  4. It's beautiful. I think it's scary to trim away the fabric too.

  5. Sally I love this quilt and have followed its progress over the months. I am looking forward to seeing it completed maybe at FoQ? It's my favourite of all of your quilts. Linda Barber (BQL)