Sunday, 1 February 2009

What must be done

I hate lists, mainly because once written, I can never find them again...
So my list of things to do, are going on my blog.

Finish the feathered star top (and quilt it before the end of Feb)

Paint the new bed (and order superking mattress)

Finnish the white wholecloth before the end of May.

Take back the new camera (the flash exploded the first day I took it out, hence the bad 2nd photo yesterday)

Take back one pair of new jeans (too big, how cool is that!!)

Deliver quilt and pressie to Luca Antonio Monaco.

Enjoy having Fliss here unexpectedly for the weekend.... (this one is the MOST important)

I have tried three times to change Finnish to Finish and each time I republish this post, it has come out with the original mis-spelling. 3rd time lucky? Yeah! It's finally worked!


  1. Love your blog!
    I keep a couple of lists on my blog. One is my UFO list and another is my quilting purchases for the year.

  2. "Finnish the white wholecloth before the end of May." I think it just tried to fool you :-)

  3. Okay, who is Luca Antonio Monaco? A new baby yes, but whose new baby? And .... (nosy aren't I?) that Monaco, as in the Prince of Monaco? Are you related to royalty?

    Love the shots from Ardingly...did you make those quilts? How come we never got to see them before? Do you like Ardingly more than us?..LOL

    I haven't had my coffee this morning, and see what happens!

  4. Blogger is acting up today...I have already tried to leave a comment and it disappeared! Bad Blogger, Bad!

    Okay who is Luca? Is he the baby of a friend, relative? Is Monaco like in the Prince of Monaco? Royalty?
    You're related to royalty? Do have to curtsy?

    Did you make the quilts in the Ardsley show, or are they part of your collection? How come Ardsley got to see them before we did?

    I haven't had my coffee yet....see what happens?