Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Close ups of appliqué

These might look like two of the same photos but one has a really clear image at the bottom of the shot, the other is quite good all over.
I was asked about how I manipulated the fabric whilst it was attached to the top. I only had to go one side at a time as I mirror imaged the stitch for the inside of the appliqué pieces. This did mean each piece had two stops and starts but it would have been almost impossible otherwise.
Click on these to see them at full screen size.
The thread I used was Sew Art invisible in both top and bottom. I have found I can use it in the bobbin if I wind it on very slowly and only fill the bobbin ¼ full.


  1. thanks Sally, I was able to see the stitches even though the thread is invisible. You have good control of your machine, and you have got to use a very slow speed to have that much control. Lovely.

  2. Nice!

    What stitch # is that? (You've got the 440, right?)