Friday, 27 February 2009

Double Dumbo

Remember how I said I had all but finished the in the ditch quilting? Duh, I totally forgot going round the appliqué of the twisted border and the swags.
So OK, I got that finished and thought I'd just do the inner of those circles on the swags. I did a couple with the Masterpiece thread but the cream thread didn't look so wonderful. I decided I would undo those two and switch to invisible thread on the top. The stitching looked fine until half way through I looked underneath. I know better than this.... Why didn't I check it at the time. So tonight will be sitting in front of the TV undoing all those inner circles.
On another note, one of the budget airlines is thinking about charging for using the toilet on flights as these are a discretionary service. Now there's a bit of me that thinks this is just a way of getting more publicity on the grounds 'all publicity is good publicity' so I haven't named them. But just in case it isn't, may I suggested that all passengers wet their seats in protest? (grin).


  1. I'm enjoying your posts about quilting this. Hope that doesn't sound sadistic, but it's heartening to know that even someone who quilts as well as you has frustrations.

    As for the wetting the seats, some people probably will--

  2. Love your quilting, as always, Sally.

    Re: airline policy- what about all the people with bladder disorders? Shame on the airline bozo who thought this one up!