Saturday, 28 February 2009

Straight line quilting and a garden visitor

Diane Gaudynski is always right and this time even more so. On a patterned background the only quilting which shows up is straight lines and grids.
And as much as I hate doing it, this is the only way to go with the background fabric. I could use the walking foot and do lots and starts and stops but I'm freemotioning it all and taking the stitching and taking the thread along the outlines when I need to start a new line.

DH captured this woodpecker this morning on camera. They visit the garden quite often but not normally when there is a camera to hand.


  1. I love the straight line quitling. Once again, the extra effort pays off!

    Do you use anything for a guide, or are you just very good at sewing free motion straight lines? Also, what did you mark your quilt with?

  2. I love the straight-line quilting. It's effective, and because it's used less now, it's also striking.

  3. Another masterpiece in the making. You and Diane are right -- straight lines show up on the patterned background.
    You have tedious work ahead, but it will be so beautiful.

  4. I am sorry, Sally ! I posted on your blog a comment I wanted to post on another blog ! Please delete it,thank you !

    The straight-line quilting is wonderful ! I didn't imagine that it can show up so well ! I must check Diane's site more often !

  5. Just perfect! The quilting really does stand out. I would not have thought straightline would on this background fabric but it's wonderful. What a treasure this quilt will be.

  6. It's looking great Sally. Those straight lines are perfect for those blocks.

  7. The straight lines look really good. In my second class with Diane, I remember watching her quilt lines and having it dawn on me that although she talked about walking feet, she probably never quilted anything anymore any way but free motion. She's just that good, has that much control.

    So I actually voiced my thought - You never use a walking foot, do you? She didn't answer right away, seemed hesitant to admit it, I think for fear of making those of us with less prowess despair, but finally admitted to it. And then being the great teacher that she is, quickly followed up with, There's nothing wrong with using a walking foot if you want or need to. Well sure, but in truth, I felt a little demoralized and went right home to practice quilting lines freemotion! Love that Diane...