Friday, 6 February 2009

Finally some work done on the feathered star quilt

I made some time on Tuesday to cut the final borders. DH was home due to the snow, he came into the sewing room whilst I measured and cut the border fabric. Big mistake. I cut it seriously too short so the grandiose plans for the border have gone out the window and this simpler version will have to do.
Can you see, I've marked the quilting parallel lines for the border. It makes sense to do this before the swags get appliquéd in place as the border lies flat.


  1. I was just wondering about this quilt earlier this week!

  2. Sally
    Thank you for showing us more photos of this quilt. It is my favorite and very very innovative to my eye. A great idea to mark quilting line before applique. On several occasions I have run into this problem of wonkiness.I hope you have a stunning summer season but I aasure you I am looking forward to a wee bit of cooler weather here.
    Robyn Kirk
    New Zealand

  3. Looking good Sally! Can't wait to see the finished quilt!

  4. It's amazing what a distraction hubbys can be! I know that my family has been home far more than normal this week because of the snow and I got nothing done!

  5. its about time we saw some work on this beautiful quilt!! I am so looking forward to see what the end product will be
    I just love all your fab choices your fussy cutting with the strips meeting in the corner is amazing excellent fabric planning...

  6. This is beautiful. I just did a pieced border which gave me some of the same mirror image problems that you had, so I can identify. Yours is much more complicated than mine, but "never give up" worked for you.

  7. Sally,
    Did you send to the US for your GRID MARKER?
    Been searching for one in UK without success.
    i.e. Creative grids/The Quilt Room. No-one seems to stock them.

    Am resorting to olde method of lightbox/marked square etc.,