Saturday, 22 December 2007

Another lucky find

I was so very lucky to find another piece of the oriental painted furniture just the right size for the gap left behind by the Victorian furniture which has now gone into the garage. Again it was in T K Maxx (T J Maxx in the USA), so it wasn't expensive, even better.
I saw it from a distance and it got better the closer I got. Then I saw the top...

and the the side with the herons....

Unfortunately where it has to be in the sitting room means the herons are not on show, but who knows, maybe when we move up to the cottage it will find a place where we can see them.
Despite the extremely cold weather of the last few days a couple of little primulas are braving the surface and showing some colour.

Santa has put two large gift wrapped boxes under the tree... I wonder..... but I will wait until the 25th.

We went to the supermarket this morning and despite my determination just to buy some sour cream, some brussel sprouts and some icing sugar we came away with a trolley load. I really feel there is something obscene about the amount of food consumed in the coming week.
The queue at the checkout wasn't too bad but I heard yesterday one supermarket had a 45 minute wait just to pay.
One of our local Waitroses had Cub Scouts helping with the packing for a small donation to their causes. Good idea, but do I really want little kids packing my food in between picking their noses? Ugh. I packed my self but gave a small payment anyway.


  1. Hmmm, what were you going to make with sour cream, brussels sprouts and icing sugar?

    I love that piece of painted furniture! Merry Christmas,

  2. Just in case you really thought they were going together.
    sour cream to go with the chives for jacket potatoes and smoked salmon, sprouts for Christmas day (our own source of 'ill wind' and icing sugar for the brandy butter to go on the Christmas pudding.

  3. I love the cabinet. Why is it I never find good stuff like that when I go into TK Maxx.

    We live near a large ASDA's and it has been bedlam the last few days. All the roads leading to the store have been gridlocked. I dread to think what it's like inside.

    love and hugs xxx

  4. Sally-------love the cabinet!
    Our local Tk Maxx never seems to have such exoctic furniture, maybe just as well as we really do not have room for such luxuries :-)

    Have a wonderfully quilty Christmas!

    I look forward to all the New year blogs!

  5. That painted chest is beautiful. So do you go to the cottage for a season or are you moving there?