Monday, 31 December 2007

Good bye 2007

A good year for me. Quite a few show ribbons and my first quilt ribbon from the USA.

DD has left home for university and has settled in well, and I've come to terms with missing her.

On the downside the cottage problems have mean a nightmare of work and money, but we'll survive that and very soon in the new year new tenants shall move in and officially we are renting out to the Ministry of Defense so should anything go wrong, it should be sorted out.
The world lost Pavarotti,

even if you don't 'do' opera listen to this man, he transcended categories.

My heart is still heavy for the loss of Linda Smith, comedian. It's hard to believe we lost her nearly two years ago.
When I posted a photo of our Christmas tree, several people commented on the picture behind it, now the tree has gone I can show you her. She is a print by Paul James and her name is Posh and she is very nearly life sized. He has given the animals the names which farmers commonly call their stock, so if you follow the link you will find Brittany, Charles (goat) Camilla (cow) (I add no further comment to this (grin)) amongst others.

And I just spread the best colour around to remove the distraction of the various duck egg. It's decided. Now all I need is for my knee to recover fully so I can paint at the top and the bottom.
A very happy New Year to you and yours and a big thank you for reading my blog!

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