Saturday, 29 December 2007

Could I scream? Yes!!!

Darling DH gave me a new PC for Christmas. Very cleverly he knew I did not want Vista but wanted to stay with XP, after all it works with all my programs (even the 10 year+ ones).
He did load me with Office 2007. Microsoft in their wisdom have decided that if you run Office 2007 then the only spell checking language it will correct is French (and it will do this to your English words). It seems like a conspiracy to make everyone go from Outlook Express to Outlook. So I go over to Outlook and set up a lot of the files. Then I go to rearrange them in my preferred order. Only then do I find out that is not an option. Microsoft have decided what my first few folders shall be and they have also not given me the facility to move them out of the way. This means with the type size I use, I cannot see my folders. (If you name begins with anything after T forget it, you might never hear from me again).
So then I go and download Thunderbird. Nice program, very nice program with one large exception it does not allow me to add a permanent signature line to all my outgoing mail.
Do I sound like a candidate for 'Grumpy Old Women'? I certainly feel like one (grin).


  1. Welcome to GOWAM! As in "Grumpy Old Women Against Microsoft" - I resent having to re-learn Office, even though I like some of the new features. I have a laptop on which I'm trying to get by witout MS products - I'd learn to use Linux if I had the time. So, I'm using Firefox, Gmail and web based Zoho for word and excel type docs. Haven't tried Thunderbird yet but have you seen this It seems to be an add-on that gives you the multiple sigs I have set up in Outlook Express. keep up the good work -GOWAM!!!

  2. Sally, You can have a signature with Thunderbird. Create a text file, and then go to Tools>Account Settings, and tell it where you put it. No more grumps on that account!

  3. Sally, There is a fix for the spell check only in French. I don't have it handy, but had the same problem when I got my new laptop. It is probably on Microsoft's site. It will take you longer to find it than to fix it. Hope this helps. Ellen in VA

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  5. Being a complete dunce with pc's all I can say is, if these people at Microsoft are so intelligent, why do they keep making this awful stuff that isn't compatible with anything? Sure, they make more money but an intelligent system whereby upgrades are more stress free might make their customers happier to fork out! You don't sound grumpy to me Sally ;), pc's are an absolute pain, when they should make life easier!

  6. I've tried this for Thunderbird, and it works well for signatures:

    Good luck!