Friday, 7 December 2007

A little more of the sample today

I managed to fit in some stitching after the Christmas shopping. Why do shops not have what they tell you they do?
I think this is the background I'll use when it comes to the main quilt for this area.
I can't use it here simply because the area is just too tight, so I've done some micro stippling. I don't know if it shows up in the photos but the background is quilted in the very palest of cream silk thread. The effect should be incredibly subtle to give extra oomph to the trapunto areas.

My 440 Berninas have these very bright white lights which is great for piecing and quilting on dark areas but with very fine white thread on white fabric, the stitch gets bleached out. I think this effect is heightened because the light goes round the needle on three sides so this eliminates shadows and I need those shadows for this! I've found a way round it by masking off a goodly part of the light. There isn't a switch to turn it off and on.

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