Saturday, 1 December 2007

Lovely new books

These are the two of the books I got at the local discount bookshop. This one, the Ultimate Design Source Book is super, it's a complilation of other design source books. Not quite copyright free but you can use each illustration for up to 15 uses. BTW this book also comes with a white cover.
These pages were taken at random. You can see the potential, and almost every page is useful if only for inspiration.

Then this little book is wonderful. We've all heard i before e except after c but had you heard if it sounds like an a then that's an exception? I hadn't. And it's not just spelling tricks, there are little things to help you remember things as diverse as the names of the first men on the moon to how to decide how French words use the plural form. And the wives of Henry 8th and their fates. And the order of the letters of Roman numerals, and and, and.......

And I got a little dictionary for my desk. I was starting to get spellings wrong and distrusting my own instincts on words like 'practise' and 'practice' (the spell checker on Blogger doesn't think 'practise' exists), so I thought it would be handy to have a little one close by. This one is truly desirable, on each page it has relevant thesaurus entires at the bottom. Now that is cool.
I also bought a Popular Patchwork and found a little mention of Peace#1. It was very complementary but they said unfortunately the lighting conditions were so poor they couldn't take a photograph.