Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Finally some stitching!!

I was so excited and at the same time feeling a little aprehensive as it's so long since I've sat at my machine. I know when I've have large gaps before it's taken a little while to get my 'hand' back in.
I split this sample piece into 4 pieces roughly 11" X 8". Thinking I'd made a few little mini quilts. This is the first piece. I drew the feathers (I use these as guidelines not lines I absolutely HAVE to stitch on).
I should have played with the tension more before I started but I couldn't wait to get going. The top thread is a tiny bit to tense (or the bottom, too loose).

The thread is YLI Silk 100# and I used a Microtex 60.
I can never resist spraying the work wet and watching the ink run. I used two different black pens, isn't it odd how one ran with blue/green colours and the other purple/pink.

This is the back and you can see the silliest beginers error, I hadn't pinned it properly and I have a pleat in the back. DUH?!?

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