Friday, 21 December 2007

more frosty photos and odds and sods

Before you get down to the photos, I just want to have a little moan. Why is it we have to put up with so much dross on television over Christmas. Dickens, Dickens everywhere including the radio. And not just the Christmas ones. It seems this year we are deluged by the complete works. Surely this is too much even for Dickens fans? And then all those Christmas specials and then there are programs showing the highlights of the year. What are those about? Are they for people with early onset dementia who cannot remember the last year? Moan over... just had to get it off my chest.
Some plants just appear to be tropical even if they are not. Somehow they are disturbing when they are coated in frost.

This tree fern is supposed to be hardy down to 12ยบ below freezing.

This little conifer is only 20" high at ten years old, it's normally green.

My frosty wreath on the front door. Poor postman must catch his fingers on it.

And these little crab apples are gorgeous.


  1. we were so dimayed by what was on television that we haven,t had one for nearly 20 years. It gave us time to concentrate on other pastimes, I did c&g emb them we got the least we can choose which dvd to watch and when