Sunday, 16 December 2007

Cat and cakes

OK, I have a cat whose favourite quilts are those pre-marked, not yet sewn, laden with markings and water soluble thread.
I mean why? And why particularly when he is wet?

When on a sofa just the other side of the same room are a pile of quilts nearly a mile high?

Steph came over today bearing gifts. I know I've posted photos of her cakes before, but have I also told you how delicious they are? I have fantasies about these cakes. She's given me the recipe and mine are nearly as good, but not quite. I've been resisting the urge to bake one over the last few weeks. And there she was at the door with a Christmas one, not a fruit cake but her perfect sponge. Yum. She said it would be better if we waited until tomorrow. Joke, right? A third has gone already.
Thank you Steph!


  1. The cat thing must be part of the same trait as when a cat will choose to be all lovey dovey with the one person in the room that either is allergic to cats or dislikes cats!! Cat are a law unto themselves!! :o)

  2. That pile of quilts looks yummy!!And so is the cake!

  3. A wet cat and water soluble thread does not sound like a good combination. I love the quilt on the top of the pile.