Saturday, 8 December 2007

It's starting to come together nicely

I had these areas between what I've been calling train tracks for want of a better word. I tried the echo meandering thingy and bouncing curves of each side.
I also tried adding dome circles (just roughly to get an impression) and some small freehand feathers. These train tracks are about an inch apart.

I think the echo meandering looks the best so I'll go with that.
I also tried the curves on the grid going width ways. Nah, doesn't look as good. I am pleased with how it looks with the alternate diamonds with trapunto behind them.
I might even get to start on the real thing tomorrow, that's scary this quilt has been so long in the planning that I'm a little afraid of messing it up (gulp).


  1. Sally,
    You put so much work into your samples. I admire your great dedication to finding just the right motifs. The patience you have is amazing to me.
    I just plunge ahead and d...m the consequences.
    Your work is so beautiful so I know your attitude is better than mine.

  2. Hi Sally-Saw your BQHL post re: getting designs on silk. That's what a hera is for (the little letter opener looking tool from Clover). It was invented eons ago by the Japanese to trace embroidery designs on silk. Get a hera and try marking on a scrap piece of silk. I use mine to mark many "difficult" fabrics. Of course, marking as you go is preferable as humidity and time takes the "mark" (really a temporary parting of the fibers) out. Loved your blog-here's mine-Pepper Cory at the Quilt Studio on
    Take care,

  3. Thanks Christine, the number of times I've just plunged ahead and paid for it. I'm just not good enough to get it right first time.
    This is the dress rehersal (grin).

  4. Sally, I think your enforced break from quilting has done you good! You are really on a roll now, aren't you? It looks like another fabulous quilt will be hitting the spot next year!
    Rosemary K