Thursday, 6 December 2007

What got done today

Well not a lot as you can see. This is the full size sample but it's only a ¼ of the middle section.
What I like about taking high resolution photos is I can enlarge it much further than my eyes enable me to see and take a really good look at the stitching and see if it's working or not.
I couldn't believe how puffy this wool batting was (Hobbs) then whilst Pauline was round this morning she mentioned it was so creased she held the steam iron over it. She said whilst she did this, it filled out like magic but didn't shrink up in width. This is something worth knowing if you want to add more 'puff' to your quilt. I might try it tomorrow on yesterdays sample. On the other hand I don't really want it this puffed up whilst I'm quilting, it raises the possibility of 'shift' between the layers.
Good news on the leg front, my DH mentioned to my doctor my leg was still swelling up and so the doctor wanted to see me today. He said it is still early days after the fall and it will get better (what I thought) and the good news is he is sure I shall be able to kneel again given time.
I'm just so very happy to be back at my machine. Tomorrow might be a little curtailed as I'm heading out to do some Christmas shopping before DD comes home on Saturday.
We might even start decorating the tree on Sunday.....


  1. Hi Sally,
    I check here every once in a while from the Bernina list. Everytime I see your work I'm inspired, then intimidated.

    Hope your knee feels better soon!

  2. Even your sample pieces make me green with envy, Sally! :-(((
    Rosemary K