Saturday, 15 December 2007

A little early Christmas present to you

I want to thank all of you who have stuck by me during the last non quilting weeks. Because my knee is still swelling up even if I just sit, let alone use my machine, I think it will be next year before I get back to actually stitching again.
I've just been playing with my electronic clip board and this is my very first drawing on it. Click on it and play. You can print it off as it is or get your printer to mirror image it, reduce it, enlarge it...
Print a few and have them radiating out from the centre, use them end to end for a border. However you wish. This image is copyright free unlike the other images on this blog. At the moment I'm having to draw on the heavily lined paper supplied with the clip board. The lines are distracting to say the least but I'm going to try and find a suitable shiny unlined paper.
This gadget might just stop me from going totally insane during this 2ND enforced break.
Have fun and if you do use it, I'd love to see how it goes,


  1. Oh gosh you poor thing - fingers crossed that you mend quickly x I've decided to stop sewing too before Christmas just so I can get things done....I have only just started the shopping etc as I've been in my own little world. I need to concentrate on other bits of life that don't involve stitch and fabric and paint and, and....well, you know. Take care.

  2. I hope you knee gets well quickly. That electronic clipboard sounds like a good diversion to the pain and immobility. Sometimes in the quiet the ideas flow.

  3. Oh Sally - I do so feel for you not being able to sit at your machine - for you particularly it must feel like your right arm's been cut off - hope it gets better soon, a jolly good excuse to get DH and DD to do the Christmas shopping and preparations!

  4. From one old crock to another -get well soon.

  5. Hi Sally - what is an electronic clipboard? Is it a tablet?