Sunday, 9 December 2007


Steph who helped me with the cottage went over to Germany last year and saw some truly amazing Christmas trees . These were artificial but the tips of the branches were molded. All year she had been going on about them. Would she bite the bullet and ship one over from Germany (about £500). Steph is not rich but she was in love.

A few weeks ago in Costco, I saw what I thought were the same trees but for £70 or 80. I got one for me and rang her. They are 7'6" tall, the same height as most ceilings in new houses over here, but all trees are supposedly this tall and only reach that height if you stretch out the top frond of leaves. Not these babies. I had to tilt it to insert the top of the three layers. This is it before opening out the final branches.
It misses the ceiling by about 1" and the top is a covered steel pole. I could have a decapitated angel on the top or tie her to the side of the top..........
And of course I gave our old tree away on freecycle. And another terrible feeling, we can't find out tree lights. Could they have been in the box with the old tree?
Someone might have done very well, they were top of the range LED lights with a huge number of possible sequences.......
Merry Christmas (grin)


  1. Love your new header...gorgeous quilting!

  2. When I first looked at the tree, the background cow looked as if it was outside the window peering in. A bizarre moment, before the penny dropped that is! Love the tree - I'm off to buy one this weekend. I'm hopelessly behind this year; head in the clouds I'm afraid. BTW, I love the photos of your work and seeing how it's all starting to come together.