Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Merry Christmas

Season's Greeting to all of you.
We've just crawled out of bed at Toad Hall and DH is cooking some bacon, mushrooms and egg (a real treat in this low cholesterol household)
I love these German chocolates, very cheap, very simple and they look so pretty tied to the tree with fine red ribbon. Small problem, half of them were eaten first and I couldn't find the ribbon. The world has not come to an end.

I have a few odd fairies, this one came this year. I love grey haired fairies.

And we've had this gentleman a couple of years along with

his partner.
Mirrors in the dining room give you two for the price of one (grin)

Have a lovely day all of you. Remember, families are for life not just for Christmas, so do try not to kill any of them!
Short break in my blogging whilst we opened our pressies. Santa has bought me the fastest new computer around (this is fab as up until now all my PCs have been cobbled together out of old used parts) and a slick huge wide screen monitor. I should be able to see what I'm writing from now on. (where has my excuse for mis-typing gone?)

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