Thursday, 20 December 2007

'twas on a frosty morning

that I first realised how slowly the cutting away was coming along. I'm doing an hour or two most evenings but all those curves on the feathers take time, loads of it. Still it's not a race.
The cat yet again knows a good thing, this Christmas quilt has wool batting and it's the one most cats gravitate towards. I did at one point make a quick quilt just for the cats with a wool batting but then they preferred one with far more work in it. Can't win can you?

Remember those lovely berries back in the autumn? Aren't they gorgeous with a dusting of frost.

And frozen roses, the brown ones were frozen last week (and no I don't dead head in winter)


  1. Oh I love the frosty berries. Your cat has good taste, what else can we say?

  2. those frosty berries are beautiful - mere man couldn't create something that gorgeous

  3. Doesn't the frost make the garden special at this time of year? Not quite as good as snow but still looks magical.