Thursday, 29 October 2009

Sort of back on the road to quilting recovery

I made this quilt from an idea in a magazine, I 'think' it was QNM a few months ago and I 'think' it was a Kaffe Fasset quilt. It just seemed too easy for words and it was. I started with a strip 14½" X 2½" and then just kept adding more 2½" wide strips in a background colour (pale blue on white) alternating with prints. To stop it distorting whilst stitching I kept the background fabric on top for every seam.
Whilst trying to pin the backing, I had a little 'help' from George.

It's not a great quilt but it will serve it's purpose as a quilt for the sofa. It's finished at about 60" X 72" and at the moment I'm quilting feathers on all the background fabric. I may or may not quilt the prints, if and when I can decide what would look good.I might not be the most beautiful quilt in the world but it has got me started again.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

I've tried

I still have a block on quilting. I followed the advice of others and just sat down at my machine and started doing a piece of work. It's OK but it doesn't rock my boat much. This could be the choice of fabric primarily. It's covered in bling. It glitters. I bought four bolts of this stuff very cheaply thinking the print was nice. It wasn't until I got home and unwrapped it, I found the glitter. It doesn't matter, it was very very cheap and I can use it to make donation quilts for kids.
So I'm still blocked. Perhaps I should just start making some bright quilts for kids until this phase has passed.
The kittens have been outside twice so far. This is their 2nd outing. Both DH and I are far more worried than we've ever been in the past about letting them out. The plus side will be not having the litter tray, the minus side is how much we shall worry.