Sunday 14 February 2021

New Project, a Star a Day.

I am still doing the other quilt but this one took my fancy. I bought Karen Styles Star a day pattern and templates but I just could get the precision I get with English paper piecing. I like the idea of committing to making a star a day however so I am doing mine in English paper piecing, from here on in called EPP. There are 66 pieces in each block unless I have miscalculated so it's quite an undertaking. Each 60 degree diamond measures one inch long the sides. So the finished block has five inch sides. There are many ways to assemble these Seven Sisters blocks. I am slow at producing these as I am doing about 24 stitches per inch. I know a lot of people do 8 stitches per inch, but I love the perfection of more stitches.  

At the rate of a star a day, it takes a week to have enough for one Seven Sisters block.  but it takes me another couple of weeks to turn the stars into a block. 

As I am working on the applique vases on the other quilt, I am prioritising those, but still committing to a star a day. 

Happy Valentines Day.