Sunday 14 February 2021

New Project, a Star a Day.

I am still doing the other quilt but this one took my fancy. I bought Karen Styles Star a day pattern and templates but I just could get the precision I get with English paper piecing. I like the idea of committing to making a star a day however so I am doing mine in English paper piecing, from here on in called EPP. There are 66 pieces in each block unless I have miscalculated so it's quite an undertaking. Each 60 degree diamond measures one inch long the sides. So the finished block has five inch sides. There are many ways to assemble these Seven Sisters blocks. I am slow at producing these as I am doing about 24 stitches per inch. I know a lot of people do 8 stitches per inch, but I love the perfection of more stitches.  

At the rate of a star a day, it takes a week to have enough for one Seven Sisters block.  but it takes me another couple of weeks to turn the stars into a block. 

As I am working on the applique vases on the other quilt, I am prioritising those, but still committing to a star a day. 

Happy Valentines Day. 


  1. Happy Valentine's day to you as well! This is going to be a gorgeous "scrap" quilt and it is difficult to remember, as you post your daily stars on FB, that the stars are so small, that the block they will become is a mere 5 inches on a side. And I swear, I could go through my reproduction fabric stash and find nearly every one of the fabrics you are using!

    The daily goal for a project like this is so smart imo. I have just started up near daily quilting on a wall hanging that has sat dormant for years after quilting around about 2/3rds of the applique in it. I'm very much of the temperament to keep going once I sit down with something, so if I don't feel I have a big block of time, I'll put off until I do. That's probably why this particular project got waylayed. But now I've discovered there's a daily hour-long program I can watch/listen to that doesn't demand my rapt attention and is perfect for quilting by. I watch that show religiously, so even on days when I don't think I care to quilt, the show kind of nudges me to, and it has been so rewarding to see how much progress I've made just by quilting an hour or less a day. Just like your stars, it won't be finished soon, but the steady progress is rewarding and will get me there.

  2. Wow...this is a wonderful project and you are doing a beautiful job. Can't wait to see more!!!