Saturday 24 October 2015

Ruler storage.

Ruler storage has always been a minor problem for me. And over the years I have come up with different solutions with greater or lesser sucess.

My very first solution was nails in the wall and hanging them on those. This works if a, you don't mind nails in your wall and b, if you have a limited number of rulers.

Then I found this plate draining rack. Which was OK but again limited the number of rulers.

Then there was this solution, an Ikea table top with a small shelf under the glass.
This worked but have you spotted the fatal flaw? When you put the cutting mat on top you can no longer see the rulers...... And my cutting mat has double sided tape to stop it slipping so it isn't so simple just to lift it up and anyway I usually have fabric and other rulers and rotary blade on top already....

So the search was on for a simple inexpensive solution and I found this little plate rack. It works and for about £5 it is a bargain.

If you click on the picture it should take you to Amazon UK's page where they sell it.

I have 22 rulers on it and there is room for more. It is about a foot in depth so takes up some space but at least I can reach them all now easily. (It has the George seal of approval) I wouldn't put the very large square rulers at the very end of it as I think that might tip it over. It might not, but I am not willing to try.  I still have nowhere to store my 36" Olippa rulers as they are longer than my cutting table is wide....

The ultimate solution would be this clear custom made cutting mat and then go back to storing them under the glass. I shall have to wait until Monday to find out how eye wateringly expensive it will be.
I hope this gives you some ideas. And if you have any idea how to store the 36" rulers, I would love to hear them. At the moment I store them upright but they are slowly bowing under their own weight.

Friday 23 October 2015

Castell Coch (PART 2)

Or her ladyship's boudoir....... (as his boudoir is relatively plain and only has a single bed..... photos will follow)
I loved this wash bowl set up. I wonder if Walt Disney ever saw photos of this place?

I think someone had a thing for monkeys.
These went all the way round the dome of the ceiling.

And these were carved into each column, Most were birds but I spied a squirrel as well but to far round the room for me to get a good photo.

 I am so pleased I took photos as these were really not as splendid with the sun shining through one window and throwing everything else into deep shade.

Her (their) bed was not comfortable with it's base made of strung ropes but then this looks so much like a love nest, I do not suppose they were overly concerned....

Monday 19 October 2015

Castell Coch (part 1, I cannot get all the photos in one post)

 I had glimpses of this fabulous fairy tale castle from the M4 motorway when we were going to Cardiff. Link to a little information of Castell Coch. And another to William Burges the architect, but perhaps even more importantly, the interiors.
It was nigh on impossible to get a photo when travelling at 70mph. I managed this last year. I looked it up and found it has many school trips visiting. I wanted to avoid hoards of screaming kids so we waited for a rainy weekend day (to keep most other visitors away as well). These photos are of just one room. Luckily the camera picked up more detail than I could see in person.

 This ceiling reminded me of something, but it wasn't until I got home and did a little research into Burges that I discovered why. My daughter went to All Saints School in Fleet connected to All Saints Church of our Parish. It had a similar ceiling. I say had, as a 17 year old boy is awaiting his fate after burning the place down. You can see the similarity here. (it has a before and after photo of the fire).

Sadly a lot of the walls are suffering from damp. It might not have the history of most of the many castles round here but it has to be the most delightful.
More posts of our visit will follow.

Thursday 8 October 2015

I would love to say I got it finished

but that would be a lie.....
I have slowly been trying to make my studio workable. I have even bought it a new widescreen TV but the first one whilst not quite DOA, was definitely comatose. So that took two of my precious days. Last night we couldn't find Rosie.
I ended up going through the closed door to the sitting room (closed to keep the cats off the quilts) only to find this. She knows how to seek out a good thing. lols

And if you wondered who was affected by the VW scandal, that would be me. Just a little less in love with my Beetle now.