Monday, 28 January 2019


The best laid plans go astray.  But to keep my own dairy of this quilts progress or lack thereof, I have nearly finished the second of the four outer borders of my English Paper Pieced quilt. And although these are the outer borders, there will be another one inserted between  these and the other borders in my last post. It will probably be applique.

I found this lovely Prussian Blue in my stash. These honeycomb shapes are one inch long on each side. I love this colour so much but it is a tightly woven glazed fabric and is hard to stitch by hand. I'll limit myself to just using a little because of this. Plus a small sprinkling will add a little zing.

Did I tell you we have gone on a Low Carb High Fat way of eating? It worried me eating all that fat but not only have I dropped 30 plus pounds, but my blood pressure and cholesterol have also dropped. We went off piste over Christmas and I regret not just going off plan for Christmas day. It's great being on a diet that not only works but doesn't leave you feeling hungry. Occasionally I find myself craving chocolate coated raisins but a little cheese takes that away.

I made cakes over the Christmas season but not for us, just as little thank you gifts for a few people in the village. They were triple vanilla and layers of red and green cake under the icing. And I didn't eat any of them! (Well, I did lick the beaters after I had loaded the cake tins...)

Rupert and Millie seem to be getting more laid back as the winter gets colder. Except when they are out walking when Rupert chases squirrels and Millie hunts rabbit poo........ My old Danes used to chase deer but these two seem to realise their little legs are useless for such pursuits.

Thursday, 22 November 2018

Determined not to be stopped by Apple.

After the fail with my iPad Pro, I am trying to update on my phone..... Here goes...

Remember all those fussy cut half inch hexies, well they've become four borders.

I spent what seemed forever prepping honeycombs for the outer border. (Please excuse my pink toed socks) I also discovered how infrequently I use plastic bags. Safeway supermarket hasn't existed in the UK for at least ten years.

I think I'm over half way on the first border. 

Meanwhile Rupert and Millie are well and enjoying their lives. Rupert chases planes and helicopters whilst walking. He crashes when he gets home. 

And my life is getting better. I am on a Low Carb High Fat diet. Going down to 20-40 grams a day. My pain levels have dropped about 80%. The impetus was getting a prediabetic blood test result. After two months my bloods were nearly normal. As the blood test I had was indicative of the previous 3 months, I suspect it's well below now. And I've lost over 20 pounds. Win.