Tuesday 24 June 2014

I am feeling a little overwhelmed by how little I have done.

A week since my last post and I have not even finished one border of the Di Ford Mystery Quilt.
And then there are all the UFOs.

There's this one,

and the low contrast one which is probably an abandoned one rather than a UFO or Work in Progress.
I should concentrate more.

Tuesday 17 June 2014

A little more done.

 I have done some more on the French General Hexagons whilst the Queens Tennis has been on.
 And I have been looking at what effect it would have if I appliqued some other fabric behind that central hole. I quite like it but might stick with adding more hexagons and fussy cutting them...
I love this bit where I can ponder to my hearts content.
 These are a couple of the hexagon rosettes for the Di Ford mystery quilt.
And this is what mine look like on the back. I trim my backs to a scant 1/4" but leave in the stitching even after I removed the papers.

Tuesday 10 June 2014

Little itty bitty details

I know the stitches hardly show up, but I can see the darker thread on on the light half inch hexagons. So a new method had to be found.
So on this side I added the cream to the red with red thread  and then stitched the cream to cream afterwards with matching thread. I fully realise this is starting to become obsessive but why do it wrong when I can do it right? The unpicker is there for scale, I am not so obsessive to undo those already finished....
This is as far as I have got. I shall move over to doing the Di Ford Mystery quilt again... this one isn't going to go off the boil, I shall just leave it to simmer a while. I don't have a pattern, it is evolving. Lying in bed last night, I was wondering about making this the centre for a medallion quilt. Maybe...

On my bird feeding stations I have been lucky enough to be visited by woodpeckers. Sometimes there are four of them at a time. It is difficult to get photos as they dart about from one side of the feeder to the other and my camera just isn't fast enough.
Peonies are for sale in the supermarkets. They are glorious and make a good substitution until my plants grow big enough to flower in the garden.

Some things in the garden are coming out well, but others have been slow. We have warm days followed by quite chilly weather.

Wednesday 4 June 2014

Looking for the perfect storage for hexagons.

These are growing slowly. I don't mind it being slow, it is something to do whilst sitting watching TV with my husband in the evenings.

The search for the perfect storage for work in progress goes on.
I bought one of these Really Useful little box sets.
 It sort of works. I put the ones with the papers lightly stuck on in one box and as they are stitched over, they go into a second one. The downside is they are all lose within a box. This doesn't matter very much with these particular ones but sometimes with a larger print, I want to be able to look through them without taking them out of the box.
 Another downside is the box of drawers has to lay on its back or they would all go over the sofa.
 Then I found this online. It is designed for storing nail polish. It arrived this morning.
 I had such high hopes for this but the channels are too wide. It would probably be good for hexagons with one inch sides...
I have wasted a goodly part of the last week, not sewing but hunting for this ring. It has huge sentimental value as my husband bought it for me when I was pregnant. I have been through rubbish bags, crawled round floors, repeated this, down the back of the sofa, even the fridge. It had gone down between the bedside table and the bed. I must have slid it under the valance and under one of the quilt bags, the second or third time I looked for it there.... Not coming off my finger again even if it does get clogged up with hand cream.