Sunday 11 November 2012

I nearly forgot I have a blog

I must update more often, I must update more often, note to self!

Today the sun is shining and we went on a little adventure to the Kymin. We have seen it from the distance at the bottom of the hill from Monmouth and we knew where the turn off was but it is on a steep hill with narrow lanes and sharp bends. Not the sort of turn you can make without planning it.

The little road up was far longer, steeper and narrower than we expected with little passing spots and hairpin bends. There were glimpses of the view on the way up but nothing had prepared us for the vista ahead. As we left out car in the little car park there were only two other cars there. Then the view over England was revealed.
We turned to see the back of the monument,
and the explanation. Though locally the emphasis for this is Lord Nelson and his association with Monmouth.

From all four sides

Then there is the castellated dining hall. It is available to rent for small occasions. They suggest wedding but as it only has a capacity for 20 people it would have to be very small weddings...

The view of Wales revealed at the top is incredible. To drive to the hills in the far distance is about an hour and a half just to give you some idea. In the foreground below is the town of Monmouth.

The last of the autumn colour through the trees and a little pond, itself getting full of fallen leaves.

So that was our little outing today. I had planned to do the ironing and then get back to drawing more feathers for the book..... but I had a nap on the sofa and watched the tennis. It couldn't have been too exciting as I woke just after it ended.....