Charity Raffle Quilts

This quilt was made for a charity raffle in about 1999. Children's Aid Direct.

The following year I made this one. It was entered into Quilts UK and won the Piecing Award and 2nd place in bed quilts. It is also a raffle quilt for Children's Aid Direct. The fabrics were hand dyes by Marion Barnett. My friend Pauline Sanderson helped with some of the blocks. Sorry about the shadow of the basket ball thing across the quilt.I think it was made in 2001 or 2.

All the coloured pieces are tapuntoed as are some birds round the outside.
And my lovely friend Steph made me a birthday cake based on the quilt with my dog Marmaduke asleep on it.
The following year I was beginning to feel I was spending all my quilting life on making charity quilts. This one was simpler. I got the idea from the Stack and Whack book but only had 11 pattern repeats so I had to redesign the Dresden plates which made up the flowers.
The 3D butterflies were a bit of fun.
Having a white cat whilst working on a black quilt was not a good idea.

I think this was the last of the quilts I made for charity to raffle. I used a commercial hand dye fabric and took advantage of the sunburst.
The quilting was less than the others. They didn't give me long to make it.
This one was in the same raffle as the one above, it was made as a BQL challenge.