Saturday 20 February 2016

A little done on just a few things.

I am not sure what's happened to my time, but it has slipped away.
But here is what I have done.
I have stitched the next borders for my Di Ford Mystery quilt. I trialed it on the Facebook group and they didn't like it, then someone did it and they liked it......... And I like it, now I just have to find the magazine to find out just how long the sides are supposed to be and make it fit..... lols

And I have started the Splendid Sampler for my sins, if you haven't heard about it, it is a two 6"  blocks per week for 50 weeks so we shall end up with 100 blocks. Click Here if you wish to join in with the thousands of other quilters worldwide. 
These are my first two blocks. I went off piste with the very first one which is supposed to have a heart appliqued in the centre. On the basis one day my daughter will get all my quilts, and she doesn't like hearts I changed it to a red rose. And the background of the 2nd block is supposed to have 6 fabrics, I did 26...... Hopefully as the next ones come, I shall just do what is asked of me. lols

 My piecing is not perfect. It has been years since I did this sort of small piecing.

I have done a little more on the first side of the last border of the hexagon quilt, it is slow but theraputic sewing.

And I have been setting up an applique design.  Sort of stylised tulips like the ones in one of my antique coverlets.
That is all I have done in a whole month..... I need a kick up the backside.