Saturday 27 October 2012

I have ordered a new machine!

This machine excites me in a way the last 800 series Berninas didn't. It's the 710. I played with it at the Festival of Quilts and loved it. It was quieter at the Autumn Quilt Show yesterday and I played some more. It even behaved wonderfully with Bottomline in the top and bobbin (with no adjustments!). I haven't ordered the one with all the bells and whistles as I just don't use them or the BSR (though if you are new to machine quilting, I would recommend you go for that extra). It has all the stitches I use and ever need to use for my work, plus more than a few extras. It won't be arriving until January so I will just have to contain my excitement until then. Will I get much quilting done whilst the kitchen is going in? I hope so! If it were a car, it would a hybrid between a Mercedes and a Ferrari.

I will be partially funding it by parting with my beloved 440s. The reason I held back was I am used to running two machines so I am not without one whilst the other is being serviced. Frank Nutt offers to let you go shopping and they will service the machine whilst you shop in Birmingham, so that shouldn't be a problem and if anything more major would need doing I will still have my 1260 as a very good back up machine. He will also do it by courier if necessary (so I will have to keep the box for that purpose).

The autumn here this year is wonderful, as I am driving most of the time when I go out I don't get a chance to take photos so I have stolen this one taken by my daughter. It is unbelievably beautiful round here. I get such a kick crossing the border in and out of Wales when I go to the shops.

My sister made a whistle stop visit this week so plans I promised to announce has been delayed a little bit more.

Tuesday 2 October 2012

New things are going to happen. Meanwhile please just hang in there, I will be back blogging as soon as it is organised.
I miss you,  ;o)