Sunday 19 January 2020

A year since my last post.....

And still this quilt is a long way from finished.....
The paper pieced outer border is done. Ignore the jazzy pink red rug it's laid out on.
In this smaller house, the dressing room is the only space large enough to lay it out and even it is limited.

I have started the border of vases of flowers which shall go between the hexagons and the outer border.
Nineteen more vases of flowers to go....

On our lives, I don't think too much happened in 2019. Fliss and I didn't go to the Festival of Quilts this year but had a very nice few days down in Cornwall doing an applique course with Margaret Mew.
We are all doing well. Except I had a nasty fall which involved a  footstool and me ripping my leg open. I had to keep the leg elevated for six weeks. That put my weight loss journey back. All is back on track now. I think we've had they greyest rainiest winter ever. Today is the first two days of sunshine in a row since September. And it's been far warmer than a normal winter. Climate change is real. And frightening.

And then there's Brexit. What can I say? A nation has committed itself to losing it's biggest trading partner willingly. Insane. So much emotional energy has gone into fighting the fight against Brexit, I am exhausted and having lost I, and many others are grieving our collective loss of freedoms.