Wednesday 9 May 2012

Enter the World Quilt Show

If you are in the UK and have ever looked into entering quilt into the USA and just found it too expensive and too complicated then this is the show you should enter. They deal with all the bother all you have to do is send your quilt to Christine Porter in the UK. Your quilt will enter the World Quilt Show and then travel to three other big shows in the USA. A really great way of getting your work out there. And then it is sent back to you, no problems with having to re-import your own work, simples. And you get detailed judges comments back. You can also use the opportunity of having your quilt valued by a recognised quilt assessor (not something we cannot do over here)
Go here and download the entry form on the right. The deadline is coming up so download the form now and send in a photo of your work. It is as simple as that.
Enjoy the ride!