My Small Antique Collection

Glorious chintz.
I just love how bright these prints still are. More photos to be found here.

 This coverlet is mysterious. The background fabric could be the latter end of the 18th century, the prints? Well you tell me. The post for this coverlet can be found here.

Full post on this quilt here. It is glorious, so many domestic things appliqued, up to and including a pistol.

Named and dated, Sara Fox 1826. Full post on this quilt here.

This one with a centre panel. Post on this one is here.

Another one. The full post can be found with more photos here.

This one has spirals in the quilting so is probably Welsh, though I bought it from the South of England.
More photos and closeups can be found on this post here. 

Red and Green American Applique Coverlet
With double swags on three sides and more photos here.


  1. Love these quilts and the history and stories they hold. This is a wonderful little collection, I'm jealous!