Show Quality Quilts

All these quilts are quilted on domestic Bernina sewing machines. The first one on a little 807, the next on my trusty old 1260 and the others on the Bernina Aurora 440 (don't let anyone tell you it's impossible to do large quilts on domestic machines!)

This quilt was made for some family in the US and was entered into a show in Chicago.  It was the first quilt I made which I felt was good enough to show. It didn't win anything.


This is Nostalgia and I made it for a BQL challenge. It's very heavily quilted, 13,000 yds of thread. The twisted feather border was the hardest bit to design and if you look closely you'll see the corners of this border  are handled differently. I didn't notice this until it was photographed.
It won several ribbons here in the UK and 2nd in country in the World Quilt show.


This is Peace#1. It was the first in a small series of quilts for peace. It won ribbons. This is the largest about 70" square.

This won 3rd place in Contemporary Wall Quilt and the Amateur Award at the Festival of Quilts.


Peace#3 (Made for Marion Barnett)
All three Peace quilts are wholecloth quilts with a different colour behind the thin white front fabric. All three won ribbons. The white is created by the batting in the trapunto.


When Heide met Sally.
The quilt I am most pleased with, though the judges thought not. Entered into the FOQ and Malvern the following year. No ribbons for this one.
                                                Flying Free
This was the first quilt I made specifically for a theme at a show. The theme was feathers, and the quilt was rejected. It went on to win elsewhere. I was pleased with it and thought it met the criteria very well. Wholecloth Award at the Scottish Quilt Show.

                                                 Contemporary Strippy
I'd wanted to make a strippy for ages. I saw Patsy Thompson's DVD and her fireworks on feathers and this seemed the right moment. The only marked lines for the quilting were the spines of the feathers. Again I used Heide Stoll Weber's magnificent handyes. It won a judges choice at the Festival of Quilts.
Made for my daughter, 2nd place Bed Quilt National Quilt Show

 The quilt, Exquisite Feathers was made for Marion Barnett's book Exquisite Evolon. This proves my brain has gone to mush. I think it won the Wholecloth Award at the National Quilt Championships but it might have been another ribbon altogether.....

                                         Square Within a Square

I made this quilt for a competition in Popular Patchwork Magazine. It came 2nd.
                                        Cream Dream
This little miniature gets it's gentle colours from using very very fine white cotton for the top fabric. The trapunto is white batting and the body of the quilt has wool batting. It won the Miniature Award at Quilts UK.
                                          Stars and Stripes
This won 1st Theme  at Quilts UK

Old Gold
Winner of:

Quilts UK

 Wholecloth Award
2n place Bed Quilt
Judges Choice

World Quilt Show

Machine Workmanship


Best of Country, World Quilt Show 2016, New Hampshire.


I know I have forgotten some of these quilts so if you can remember one I've missed out, describe it to me and I'll put it here.