Saturday, 6 April 2013

It's been very cold but spring is in the air.

I have been quilting this since last Thursday whilst trying to make friends with my new machine. In lots of ways it is wonderful but I am having trouble with it lifting it's foot out of the work when I turn it back on again... there must be some way round this, I just haven't discovered it yet.
A short break after having the kitchen installed and loaded and I have had the kitchen, dining, sitting room painted. DH and Andy the painter weren't sure when I said I wanted the dining area red but they both love it now. It's a Farrow and Ball paint, Raddichio. I love how matt these paints are.
The 'enjoy' sign will have to be repainted and toned down, perhaps to a dark grey.
 I made a couple of cakes today, coffee and walnut and banana bread.
The sun shone and the temperature rose to a normal spring day. It felt positively tropical after the snow we've had. There is still a tiny bit left on the north side of the fence.
I went for a little walk with Frank and saw the Gloucester Old Spot pigs through the hedge, they weren't much larger than Frank.

I found a photo of this huge icicle hanging from the house in the earlier snow. I am glad I didn't know about it when I had gone to put stuff in the bins on this pathway...