Wednesday 19 August 2020

Lost my mojo for quite some time..... but it's coming back

 This is block 9 of 25, 8 inches square. I stopped stitching quite early in lockdown and only finished it last night.  I would sit down in my chair ready to go, but couldn't. I have been trying to fathom out why and the only thing I came up with is my stitching is my thinking time and it is all so overwhelming.

We were lucky to have our daughter up to stay. We rented a holiday cottage in the village for her to isolate in for two weeks. During that time she came over in the evenings for a socially distanced glass or two of wine in the garden. 

Sometimes it rained, sometimes it didn't. Thank heavens our parasol is huge so we could socially distance in the dry..... And then after the two weeks, we could hug. Never has it felt so good. She stayed another two weeks, working in my bedroom, Monday to Fridays whilst my husband did the same downstairs. I felt like we lived in an office building.

We've had an odd summer. very hot in April and then cooler. Much cooler, I had the heating on in the mornings to take the edge off it. Then August hit us with a heatwave. That ended in lightening storms for days, in fact over a week and we are still getting the odd one now.  The flowers are rotting whilst in bloom on their stems.

One hollyhock has bucked the trend and looks fabulous.

We are still shielding and will be until there's a cure or a reliable vaccination.


  1. I went through a similar time, Sally -- it was really puzzling and very depressing. I'm luck to have been able to get past it, and I'm glad to see that you are, too.

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  3. I'm happy to see you back to work on your quilt. You make the most amazing quilts that are so intricate with details.