Sunday, 14 February 2010

Something else has happened to the quilt!

But it's something wonderful, you'll have to wait and see until it hits it's first show. (not quite sure which yet)

I love Valentine's Day falling on a Sunday, so nice to lounge around in bed with chilli  chocolates!

The hand-tied flowers were just to big and high to be seen so I've split them into three and cut them down a little.

I think the ones on the cream dresser in the dining room look best.


  1. Oh--I'm no good at waiting. This is not fair!!! Sally

  2. Whew! Sally, the title of this post really worried me! I'm glad to see that it's a *good* thing and will be eager to see the finished quilt. :)

  3. It's about time something wonderful happened to that quilt. Looking forward to seeing/hearing what it was.