Thursday, 11 February 2010

Tea Staining on Sample

This is the sample now it's dried. I'd like it a little more blotchy but I'm on the right track. This was after two treatments, drying in between and not washing out. I'd like to wash it today but guess who came home with a load of washing....

And bought home her little notebook so I could finish it by sewing on a couple of Velcro dots.

Have any of you noticed if you go into your settings on blogger, you can now load your photos in the order you want and where you want! So much easier. I had to try twice to make it work as I hadn't realised you had to be in 'compose' mode to do it,


  1. If you want it really blotchy use loose tea. Boil it to color the water and leave all the tea leaves in with the fabric. Where each one touches will be a darker blotch.Sort of a pain to get all the crumbly leaves rinsed out when you've finished but it will give an aged look.

  2. It seems to be getting better each time around - wonder if anyone will ever realise you didn't originally intend it to look like this. Fabulous notebook too!

  3. Both the dyeing and the notebook look *wonderful*! :)

    As for the photo thing, that's the advantage of being brand-new at this blogging idea. ;) I didn't realize it wasn't always that way!

    I would love to be able to answer some comments via email, though, and I haven't yet figured out how to do that, or even whether it's possible.

  4. that notebook is just so beautiful
    I hope she realizes how lucky to own that. just perfect to carry a laptop in.
    I am always in awe of your machine quilted feathers, this really shows it off...
    just perfect

  5. I love the coloring of the dye on the right had side of the photo. How splotchy are you trying to get it?