Friday, 25 November 2011

My Accuquilt Go! Baby has arrived.

So happy. It arrived on Wednesday but I just had too much to do. Then on Thursday I had some time but couldn't find the fusing paper. (Never ever have your sewing room in two locations 120 miles apart).
I cut out some feather lobes and first tried them this way, with both the colours darkening in the same direction.
Then the other way and was happy with that.
I tried Patsy Thompson's EKG stitch on a sample but it didn't work with the only thread I had to hand (Never ever have half your studio 120 miles away from the other half). I ended up using the double blanket stitch, narrower and shorter than the set length, I am pleased with how it turns out. I just placed some batting behind the feather to do the stitching. I shall cut it out from the background for faux trapunto. Click on the image above to see the stitch.
This is the back.
Do I love my Go! Baby? Oh yes, I can see so much potential in using it in various ways. I so want to keep playing with it, but the move of the studio to the cottage goes on. I have reached the point where I don't care where the studio is as long as it all is in the same place (or even county!) and organised.

Did I tell you, I have lost all my quilt award ribbons?  I am trying to remain calm about this but it isn't happening.


  1. I hope you find your Award Ribbons when you unpack.
    I hope you find them soon.

  2. Sally have you moved house? Or do you have a weekend cottage you spend time at? Confused about the 120 mile thing.
    Love the faux feathers applique. do you fuse the entire thing or just the edges?
    Hope you find the ribbons ~ I know this has you stressed...breathe, girl, breathe!!

  3. I hope you find everything soon and get settled! I love those colors.

  4. Love the colours that you have used. This is obviously going to be a great tool for you. I'm sure that you will find your ribbons just when you are looking for something else. Is this a permanent move you are making?

  5. Wow. You GO! Girl. This is going to be spectacular. Really will show off your beautiful FMQ quilting.