Thursday 8 December 2011

New studio in progress

 You know that Chinese curse, "May you live in exciting times". I think someone cursed me. Half my studio was already at the cottage and the other half was coming with a 'Man with Van'. Only it didn't arrive. Hours later we heard his gear box had disintegrated on the Motorway. So instead of Sunday, we eventually got it on Wednesday. Three damaged bookcases and as you can see a couple of the boxes have been squished. (I cannot bare to see inside them yet, my stress levels were through the roof.

 This was taken hours later and now I have had enough of sorting but there is so much more to do. Somehow I feel more comfortable calling it my studio on the ground floor than I did when I had one upstairs. Why is a room designated as a sewing room more acceptable as a studio than a room designated as a bedroom?

A slight nod towards Christmas.  I love my little forest of white trees with red and white decorations. I do hanker back to the days when decorations came ready threaded. These curtains are blue and white and I found a box full of them, they 'nearly' fit the windows so shall suffice until I get round to making them. It takes a little of the pressure off me and the room is so much warmer with them.


  1. Hi Sally your studio looks great !!! I wish you many happy hours of quilting .

  2. I am just moving from "office" to "Studio" and a I feel just a little of your PAIN. I can't find business papers from one room and that certain piece of fabric from the other. Moving is such a stress all by it's self. Let alone having your things damaged or lost. Hang in there. Hugs.

  3. By this time, you've made even more progress, I'm sure. And I can sense your pride in the new space -- love those Christmas trees.

    There's something wonderful about creating coherence out of chaos -- clearly what you are about. Congrats!

  4. Moving is not fun. We moved 6 times in 13 months. I had Velcro on my boxes. The end results will be great when you get it all in place. Chris

  5. Fantastic studio space and what an amazing storage system.