Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

We ended  up spending Christmas at home. The upside, I know how the cooker works, the downside, half of Christmas is up at the cottage. This isn't Toad Hall but I love this nesting box.
This has meant my simple white trees are up there and already decorated and 180 miles away from our Christmas. Fliss came home yesterday and we set up the traditional tree. She told me her friends were very sniffy about fake trees. Now there fake trees and fake trees. These are the needles on ours. It doesn't smell like a real tree but it does take the weight of the decorations which a real tree cannot.

 And a couple of hours later it is decorated.

I'm writing this just after 1pm on Christmas day when most people are sitting down to their Christmas lunch. We don't do that, we've had a late brunch and shall have our Christmas meal at about 4pm with pudding at about 6pm if there is room...


  1. Oh Sally, Toad Hall looks so festive. I can imagine your family warm and cozy inside while the chill remains out. Merry Christmas to you, Colin, and Fliss.

  2. I's just beautiful. Merry,Merry to you.

  3. looking good...hope its a wonderful time xx

  4. Lovely inside and out - hope you don't have to keep the driveway clear though!

  5. I love that little white house! We recently got a catalog that had a collection of 5 houses that were all white...such simple elegance!

    I'm jealous of your Christmas snow :-)