Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Saving you from watching paint dry.

I haven't blogged because I'm painting. Not anything creative, just the gloss work throughout the house. And when I'm not doing that, I'm making curtains.

We are getting some basic white wardrobes for the cottage. To customise them I thought it a good idea to put some fancy knobs on the doors. I learnt the hard way, it is not a good idea to Google Pink knobs. I will not make that mistake again.

My Christmas wrapping is done and dusted.


  1. Yes, Sally, I can just imagine what you got with "pink knobs". I am going to resist giving it a BING or Google. lol

  2. Yep. You have to be careful what you google. I googled fairies the other day- Say no more!.
    Your parcels look beautiful.

  3. LOL Sally, you have made my day and yes I did resist the urge. Love the gift wrapping- clever girl. Have a wonderful Christmas.
    Robyn Kirk
    New Zealand

  4. I'm still laughing! Thanks for a bright spot in the day! I know we have to be careful what words we use in our blogs too if we don't want people finding us through searches. It's a different world alright!

  5. LOL The Americans call those hardware parts __Drawer Pulls__.
    I hope this helps anyone who is also looking for bureau and wardrobe hardware. Diana in Nova Scotia

  6. oh my I can hardly imagine lol

    i love that paper too!

  7. I agree, painting is tiresome, but everything looks and feels so "clean" when it's all done. Your packages look very festive and pretty!

  8. Sally. I had to comment again on this one as your post gave some friends of mine extreme laughter.
    Hmm I do hope their not going to test it out.If our kids go through the history file they will wonder what the hell we are up to!

  9. Love the wrapping paper and look how neat it looks on the sides.
    I won't test the google word, I have an imagination, lol.