Sunday, 19 August 2007

Back home

Thank you everyone who sent such lovely comments! I do read them and get a real kick out of it. I'm not sure of the blog way to respond to such lovely comments, but I'm truly over the moon when you like my work.

I ended up leaving the FOQ a little early as I was completely exhausted. Insomnia and Quilt Shows combined with hard hotel beds is not a good combination. After 3 more hours at the show on yesterday, I went back to my room, had a snooze and drove home in driving rain. The trip was mostly all on the motorway but still I only averaged just under 60mph for the journey (we would never have known things like this a few years ago without cars having their on board computers)
Thank you to Donna in NH who took these photos of Nostalgia for me at the World Quilt Show in New Hampshire. It's good to see it didn't arrive creased. A big thank you to Christine Porter who coordinated the UK entries and looked after our quilts so well.
And Donna sent me this photo of my very first American ribbon! You notice how I said first, like I imagine there will ever be another one (grin)?

Heide Stoll Weber very kindly allowed me to have our photo taken in front of 'When Heide met Sally' but the photo was cruel to both of us, so you'll never see it (grin) but it's very nice to have it for my memory album. Do look at the gallery of her work, there's a little button at the bottom of the homepage for the site to be in English.

I added to my thread stash at the FOQ but determined not to as I was, I still managed to add to my fabric stash. And more about that tomorrow.....


  1. Oh wow Sally doesn't that look fab! Isn't the internet great..just a few clicks and someone can show you something you wouldn't otherwise see.
    I think both your Ostriches were huge successes..Well done!

  2. Many congratulations Sally on both your recent wins - well deserved. Your work is beautiful. Am I right in thinking that you still quilt on a domestic? I am in total awe if you do - amazing.

  3. Thank you Tracey and Jane.
    And yes I still quilt on my Berninas (grin). Don't think I could tame one of those big beasties...

  4. I hope it will be the first of many. It's a good looking ribbon too, isn't it.