Thursday, 2 August 2007

Letting off a little steam

Last week I ordered stuff form the States and from the UK.
I've had the stuff from the States for a couple of days but not the stuff from the UK.
I just rang to find out what had happened to be told that they dispatched it on Wednesday (yesterday) and it's on it's way.
I'm not going to name names, but the answer from the woman on the phone was she didn't know how they (the Americans) managed to do it. I can tell them. The Americans dispatch their orders immediately. They don't sit on it for days and days.
I want to support UK shops but with this level of service, why should I?
I rang another shop for a specific fabric. I was told I would be rung back by the person who would take my order. He hasn't.
I went to the site of the fabric manufacturers I mentioned the other day and clicked on all the links for UK suppliers. It was embarrassing. Either the websites were so very badly designed they were next to useless or the websites were just a page saying where they were.
I want to support British shops but they make it so very hard.
BTW I do name names when the service is good.


  1. Sal, I do so agree with you.
    I am waiting for three orders from Uk shops---------although the recent postal strike may have something to do with it :-(
    There is one midlands shop however that does seem to take an inordinate time to fulfil orders,
    The USA shops are wonderful for getting orders away immediately

    Elma in Lochwinnoch

  2. Sal I so agree! I use an American company who regularly get my stuff to me within a week. Their nest was 6 days, and this is mid-west USA to deepest darkest Devon! A UK company once took nearly 6 weeks as they "lost" my order!!

    guess which one I recommend to friends?