Monday, 20 August 2007

New threads and playing

My new thread acquisitions. Loads of Masterpiece, 3 spools of a silver grey polyester from Empress mills, 5 little spools of silk and 5 spools of knitted jersey thread for couching.

I tried out all but the couching thread on the 1st sample for my wholecloth. And I played with a with a few of the Irena Bluhm backgrounds and Sharon Schamber's
feather method (it's the one on the extreme right). I love the silk very very much, but the Masterpiece is nearly as good. I didn't worry about getting the tension right on the back but fiddled a bit with the upper tension to get the top one right. I found it much harder than expected to go form different weights of thread. Each one demands a proportionate stitch length, don't ask me what it is but there is a length which is 'right' for each thread.

And the back shows up the lines far more.


  1. Nice sample piece! I also love Masterpiece thread - actually I just love thread!

  2. What a great piece! I love the filler pattern you do that looks like a slinky. How do you do that, back and forth C's?

  3. All patterns are wonderful: the fillers, the feathers...Love it!