Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Good news (sort of)

I made this quilt for a competition in Patchwork and Quilting magazine. The theme was 'Square within a Square' maximum size 24" X 24" and they were looking for machine quilting.
This competition seemed to have my name on it. In this photo, it's nearly finished. Just being blocked on a foam board and I've yet to go round checking I've buried every thread (I hadn't, how is it you can look 100 times and still find one or two?).
Click on it, I think it should come up just about full size so you can see each and every stitch.

I got a phone call last week from Patchwork and Quilting and was told, 'I'm sorry you haven't won the sewing machine'. (GRIN)
I did however get one of the three 2nd place (or runner up) prizes, a year's subscription to the magazine, so that was nice.
I trapuntoed the feathers. Each corner whilst similar (they each have the same spine) is designed separately. If I did it again (which I've only ever repeated the same quilt once) would I do anything different? Yes, I would use silk thread not the Soft Touch as it's finer and I could have gone even smaller with the background fillers and the central grid (it's a ¼" grid).
It will be hanging at the Festival of Quilts on either the Bernina or Patchwork and Quilting stands. I really am looking forward to seeing the winner, to see how I can do better.
I still like this little quilt though I have no use for it. My initial reaction was to try and sell it but I'm wondering if it is worth sending it over the pond to a US Show? And if so which one?


  1. It's beautiful! There are lots of US shows where that quilt would shine. MQX, MQS, Innovations for starters.

  2. Wow Sally it's beautiful. Well done for getting second place..though I can't see why you didn't get first...It looks like a winner to me!

  3. Sally...this is a beautiful piece! I think that you should definitely show it! I, too, am anxious to see the quilt that won, if your was 2nd place.

  4. I dont' see why it didn't win. try somewhere else?