Friday, 3 August 2007

Textile pieces I own

Today I'm off to deliver my quilt to the collection point for the Festival of Quilts
the collection point is in Southampton, a place I don't know very well. A friend is coming with me so we'll stop at Winchester for lunch on the way there or the way back. After living in a 'new' country, I still get a kick out of places where some of the buildings are 1,000 years old.
This little embroidery is by Jane Arkwright done way back in 1981. I think she concentrates on painting these days. The whole thing including the frame is just the size of a normal piece of paper for your printer.

This piece is much larger about 24" square. It was framed in the 1920's in Bond St, London (always a posh area (grin)). It is obviously Chinese and the work is in gold thread. I took the second picture so you can see the relief, the body of the dragon is at least ½" high.


  1. Good luck Sally. Fingers crossed for you though I suspect you won't need it! The Wittering Rainbow

  2. Thanks Annabel, I never think I'll do well, there are some wonderful quilters out there. It would be a nice surprise to win anything.
    Only once did I enter a show with high hopes and it didn't win anything (grin). Now I just like to see it hanging and quietly listen to what the people looking at it think. I get a great kick out of that as they don't know who I am and are just talking amongst themselves.